DIY Hacks to Keep Your Fridge Fresh

Does your fridge feel like a disaster zone whenever you open it? Does it have a lingering odor with a source you can’t quite find? Below are a handful of hacks to keep your fridge fresh and organized.

Clean Fridge

Build a basket system. Just like a well-organized closet, your fridge should have a place for everything. While you may be skilled at stashing your produce in the produce drawers, grab plastic baskets and use them for separating your leftovers, dry goods, liquids, condiments, animal products and more. Pro tip: Place items that need to be used fast in a basket, so you always know what edibles you should prioritize consuming or tossing.

Take inventory with dry erase. Did you know the front of many fridges work like dry-erase boards? Here you can take inventory of your items, so you never run out of milk again.

Line the shelves. Grab plastic mats and line your shelves with them. These mats are easier to slip out and wash than our fridge shelves. Pro tip: Instead of mats, use plastic wrap. Once every other week, remove the wrap and re-apply.

Utilize Lazy Susans. Grab a few plastic Lazy Susans and store things like condiments, leftovers or liquids on them for easy access.

Keep animal products low. Items like meat and dairy tend to drip and spoil faster. Store them low so unwanted spills don’t impact items below them.

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